Food for Android powered phones
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Under construction, but here is the general gist:
Is it better to buy the 6-pack at £10.49, or the 8-pack at 14.99?

How about a choice between 6 pints of milk at £2.19 and 4 Litres at £2.33?

Or is 12 x 300ml beer pack for £10.00 better value than the 6 pints at £8.00?

Although the supermarkets often list comparison prices as cost/100ml, cost/100g, etc, it is still not easy for most to visualise what that means in terms of the cost differences between the actual products being chosen between.

That’s where My Shopping Pal (Lite) helps.  Just tap in a dilemma, such as those shown above and My Shopping Pal (Lite) will instantly tell you the cost, the saving and the percentage difference if both products were available at the size of the best value pack.

Even if it is clear that one product is more expensive than another, My Shopping Pal (Lite) can help picture the monetary difference, helping you decide if you really want to pay that premium for the luxury option.

So for now buy the 6-pack, the 4 Litres of milk and the 6 pints of beer and save yourself £2.46 and next time take My Shopping Pal (Lite) with you and save some more.
And now 99p will get you the full copy of My Shopping Pal, which is advert-free and includes a comparison for measured goods, such as laundery products and plant foods.
For example is it better to go for the 2 kilo box of washing powder with a 75g scoop per wash at £6.85, or the 1.04 litre bottle of washing liquid with a dosage ball holding 40ml at £8.17?
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